Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hindsight is 20/20. You don't realize how true cliches are -after all, they're cliches for a reason. This probably doesn't make much sense at the moment; so let me explain.

I was recently accused by someone close to me of making light of an uncomfortable situation. Of all of our time spent together, this sticks with me as the most important and defining moment because it does define my person, but in a rather unfair way.  At that moment, however, I pocketed my smile and felt chastised, like a child.

It's true, I  always diffuse an uncomfortable situation and attempt happiness with whatever is thrown my way. For, if you can't find the joy in the everyday, in the uncomfortable and in the unfair then you'll miss too many opportunities for happiness - and that is just no way to live.

So, here, in this first post, I promise you that I'm going to enjoy the sweet life and always be thankful for the  everyday, the seemingly mundane and, perhaps, to others, the inconsequential no matter how silly it may be to others' sensibilities. I'd like to encourage you to do the same and count the joy in simplicity.

Don't let anyone stifle your laughter,

A on the Mudd coffee truck in NYC (Aug. 2011). Go ahead, unsettle someone.